Deliver the depleted uranium to Juan is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Deliver the depleted uranium to Juan is an objective in the Story Mission, DU or Die in Far Cry 6


  • Slip out the Armory now that you have the Depleted Uranium.
  • leaving the Armory, be mindful of the Camera just above the door.
  • Slip over to the nearby Alarm and interact with it to disable it.
  • Now, you can head up the stairs and clear out the remaining soldiers, but there is more to do in this section and the basement.
  • Head to the Eastern end of the courtyard of Fort Quito.
  • Go up the stairs and slip through either door and get into the office here.
  • Go behind the desks and to the Northwestern bookshelf.
  • Look on the bottom shelf above the cabinet to find a small crocodile-skinned box.
  • Open it up to find Mimo Abosi's Laugh Charm.
  • You can head to the West to find the barracks which you can search for more Crafting Materials.
  • Go to the West to get into the Infirmary.
  • Open the white and blue container to find some Medicine that you can simply take.
  • Go back into the central part of the fort and drop down to the Courtyard.
  • Head to the East and enter the door there.
  • Inside here, go a bit to the right and around the fencing in front of you.
  • Find the open gate in the fencing.
  • In the middle of this is a ladder leading down, so go over to it and climb down it.
  • This will bring you to the basement of Fort Quito.
  • Go just a little to the North (away) from the ladder then look to the West (Left) toward the water.
  • There is a soldier here patrolling the dock.
  • Either stealth up on them for a Machete kill or snipe with a silenced weapon.
  • Drop down to the dock level.
  • Face to the South, with the water on your right.
  • Head to the Southeastern wall and look to the North.
  • You can see a fenced-in area (there is a door, but you can't open it, even with the Armory Key) with a large flat of plywood against it.
  • Go up the wood and bash it with your Machete to reveal an opening in the fencing.
  • Step inside it to find a crocodile case on the second set of shelves to the right, with the crocodile case on it.
  • Open this up to find the Autocrat.
  • Time to leave the area and get back to Juan Cortez.
  • Go over to the water and dive in.
  • Swim out to the North.
  • Go to the deal and with the last soldier.
  • Then, it is recommended to use Fast Travel to quickly return to Clara's Camp.
  • Once there, just head over to the Workbench to meet up with Juan Cortez.