Destroy the poison is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Destroy the poison is an objective in the Story Mission, Clear The Air in Far Cry 6


  • There are 3 Poison Depots that need to be found and destroyed to complete this objective.
  • Stealth makes this much easier since all the depots have alarms and reinforcements can get called in.

Depot 1[edit]

  • Start by heading out of Montero Farm to the East.
  • Mount up onto a horse and make your way down the hillside toward the Tobacco Valley.
  • Getting to the fenced-in area you will arrive at the first depot you need to destroy the Viveiro in it.
  • There are only a few soldiers in the area, but it can take a few attempts to sneak in.
  • Be sure to get the Sniper at the Northern end of the depot first to make things easier.
  • Using that Watch Tower is a good place to clear out a number of the soldiers here.

Depot 2[edit]

    • There are 2 more depots, one in the Viveiro fields themselves in Tobacco Valley and one at the nearby airstrip.
  • This depot is located within Bustamante Farm.
  • Getting close to the farm, you will find it's gotten fencing around it.
  • Moving in, there is a Watchtower you can easily clear to scope the whole of the area.
  • Just be especially wary of the Fumigator that is nearby the middle of the area and its poison cloud.
  • Use this to mark and then snipe out most of the soldiers in the area.
  • After that, climb down and destroy the Viveiro barrels scattered throughout the area.

Depot 3[edit]

    • There are 2 more depots, one in the Viveiro fields themselves in Tobacco Valley and one at the nearby airstrip.
  • Heading to the Airstrip, you will find a number of different soldiers to deal with: Assaulter, Sniper, Rocketeer, Vanguard and an Officer.
  • Go to the Western side of the airstrip to find a large opening in the fencing.
  • Get against the fence and use a Baseball to lure out any of the nearby Soldiers.
  • Get them with a takedown and hide the body.
  • After that, head to the Northwestern part of the airstrip.
  • There is another Assaulter, and Sniper here that you should take out.
  • You can use this watchtower to scope most of the area and mark the remaining FND Soldiers.
  • On the airstrip, clear out (most of) the soldiers before turning your attention toward the Airplanes.
  • Either use Frag Grenades, Sticky Grenades, or any kind of mine thrown under the vehicle.
  • Detonate them to quickly destroy it.
  • Otherwise, explosive ammo, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, or a whole lot of bullets will let you destroy an airplane.
  • There is just ramming it with a car or another close-topped vehicle too.
  • Be warned there are 2 Snipers along the Southern beach-side, in their little safe areas (vulnerable from the airstrip).
  • Look to the middle part of the airstrip after that to find 2 large tanks of Viveiro.
  • Destroy the tanks with your weapons of choice (or explosives for quick work).
  • There are a few smaller barrels of Viveiro around the Airstrip.