Former KGB? is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Former KGB? is a Step in the Bandidos Operations, Trouble Below Decks in Far Cry 6


  • The commander is an old man and former Russian spy. He has a reputation for being incredibly unstable so we need to be ready for anything.



  • Send in a small team to scope out the facility and get info on the layout.
  • Ability: Ghillie Suit

Spy on spy[edit]

  • Get a Libertad agent on the inside to scope out the facility
    • Risks: Losses up to 2 Recruits
    • Reward: +10% Success Chance for Operational Steps

Radio Intercepts[edit]

  • Try to break the facility's radio code to get valuable intel.
    • Costs: 10 Medicine
    • Reward: Additional information on available Bandidos operations