Infiltrate the BioVida facility is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Infiltrate the BioVida facility is an objective in the Story Mission, Angel De La Muerte in Far Cry 6


  • Time to begin infiltrating the Facility.
  • There are plenty of enemies here, and a good number will also respawn as well as 3 Alarms.
  • Let's look at things to make it as simple as possible to find the way inside the building.
  • Start by heading to the Southeast from the overlook.
  • Head for the fenced-in area in the SOuthwestern corner of it, where you can see a tall watch tower that has the Special Forces Sniper.
  • Take out the Sniper and climb up toward the top of it.
  • Once you have this tower, you can easily destroy all of the alarms.
  • Start by looking to the East, to the other side of the fencing at the base of the stairs.
  • Look to the Northeast after that, to the corner of Building 13.
  • Look over to the East after that, to find the last of the Alarms on the Western corner of Building 12.
  • Take some time and pick off a number of the soldiers from this tower.
  • They can't find you terribly well, so it is a great Sniper Nest.
  • When you've cleared a lot of them, dive and glide over to the East.
  • You want to head to the tall water tower.
  • Get to the Eastern side of this tower and climb up the ladder on it.
  • Use the Zipline here to get to the rooftop of Building 12.
  • Once on there, just run across it to the West and use the connection between the buildings to get to the rooftop of Building 13.
  • There is a raised section with a door along the Northern side.
  • Just go over to the door here and shoot off the lock.
  • Go on through the door and head down the stairs.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, head over to the right and through the open door.
  • Interact with the control panel to the right of the door inside this room.
  • You need to hit the button twice to get through the clean room door.
  • Inside the first clean room, find the crouching scientist and talk with them.
  • After that, head to the West and to the door there.
  • There is a lot of glass around here, so shoot it to get on through.
  • Once there, head to the West and find the control panel.
  • Interact with it to open the next door.
  • Time to pass through another clean room.
  • Hit the control panel to the right of the far door, after that, go through to the next stairwell.
  • Turn to the right and take the stairs down.
  • At the base of the stairs, head to the Southeast and through the double doors.
  • Go to the end of the hall and through the open door on the left.
  • Inside there, go to the control panel to open the next clean room.
  • You'll find just one outcast on a table writhing in pain.
  • This is what you call a complication.