Juan Cortez's Guerrilla Rules in Far Cry 6.

The numerous rules that Juan Cortez offers that give advice.


Rule 1[edit]

A Good Guerrilla is a Hidden Guerrilla

Rule 2[edit]

A Good Guerrilla Masters Their Environment

Rule 3[edit]

F*cked-Up Situations Call For F*cked-Up Solutions

Rule 4[edit]

A Good Guerrilla Always Comes Prepared (With a Buddy)

Rule 9[edit]

Always Use The Right Tool For The Job.

Rule 11[edit]

For a guerrilla, resolver isn't making due with what you have, it's inflicting chaos with everything you've got.

Rule 20[edit]

Once a guerrilla, Always a guerrilla.

Rule 73[edit]

A revolution is not won by the fearless. It is won by the feared.