Kill Citra is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6Insanity).

Kill Citra is an objective in the Story Mission, Birthright in Far Cry 6 Insanity


  • Inside this central chamber of the temple, Vaas will need to deal with manifestations of a number of warriors.
  • A good number of them will need to be defeated to draw out Citra, though her health appears just a few moments into the fight.
  • Clearing out the first wave, Citra will appear and start attacking Vaas.
  • Find her and start attacking her carefully, using the low walls, and rocks as cover.
  • As much as possible, focus on getting headshots on her to keep this part of the fight to a minimum.
  • When 20% of her health is gone, she will vanish and another wave of Warriors (and Jason).
  • After she vanishes, you will need to find Citra.

Find Citra[edit]

  • After she vanishes, you will need to find Visions of Citra and Vaas talking.
  • The pair talk, then Citra will walk away from Vaas.
  • The nearby door along the Eastern side of the arena will open.
  • Follow the hallway to the North, taking a moment to collect the chest here.
  • Continuing forward, you will get back to the chamber with the tree.
  • Search around the tree chamber to find Cirta and begin the next part of the fight.

Kill Citra (Round 2)[edit]

  • Go to the far side of the tree to find Citra.
  • Time to resume the fight against her.
  • After doing 20% damage, she'll summon in Warriors and a manifestation of Jason to help her.
  • Gain some distance and take cover either using the walls or taking cover within the hallways.
  • Clear out the summoned warriors and Citra will manifest herself.
  • Getting through her health, she'll vanish once again.

Find Citra[edit]

  • Head over to the Western door leading away from the tree.
  • Another memory will play out of Vaas and Citra at the base of the stairs.
  • After that, head on up the stairs and through the slowly opening door at the top.
  • Once the door is open wide enough, just go on through and into the corridor beyond.
  • At the top of the stairs, look to the right to find a chest there.
  • Go on through the nearby doorway after that.
  • This will bring Vaas to the top of the mountain, with an open-air arena.
  • Time to bring this fight to an end.

Kill Citra[edit]

  • Start by heading to the South to search for a chest and whatever it contains.
  • Go over to the Northern side of the path in front of the stairs to find another chest to claim.
  • After a short while, Citra will manifest, but she will bring flaming crocodiles with her.
  • Start by jumping onto a rock to avoid the bites of the Crocodiles.
  • Then use your weapon of choice to blast each of the Crocs away before they can get too close (or pick them off from a distance).
  • This time, Citra has manifested as a Panther.
  • Defeating the Crocodiles will draw her out.
  • Inflict just over half her present life bar and she will disappear, and a Power will appear by the entrance to this arena.
  • Grab it (or sell it) in the brief rest you get.
  • After that, you are taking on more Flaming Crocodiles.
  • Defeating them will draw out Panther Citra again, so take it on the same way as before, using walls and rocks to get out of its claws and jaws.
  • This will bring Citra down to her last bar of health.
  • Again, you get something of a reprieve before the next part of the fight begins, possibly the last one.
  • This time, Citra is a large panther aided by a number of dogs.
  • While bigger, it follows all the normal animal behaviors, so you can avoid it with careful maneuvering at least.
  • After defeating the large panther, it will transform back into Citra herself.
  • Just hit her one more time to finish her off.