Meet Julio is an objective in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Meet Julio is an objective in the Story Mission, Fire and Fury in Far Cry 6


  • Talk with Clara in her Camp to start this mission.
  • From there, start going to the East, follow the guerrilla trail leading off to the Southeast.
  • Climb up the vine here to reach a tunnel giving you a good shortcut on through.
  • Go on through the tunnel and follow the trail to the East.
  • Just keep moving along this trail until you reach
  • You will be contacted by Juan Cortez who will explain more about the Supremos Tutorial.
  • From there, just head to the Southeast, toward Buenavista Beach so you can head over to Acunana Farmland
  • Go along the path until you find the Zipline.
  • Once there, just turn to the South, using the Parachute to make your way toward the shore.
  • Reaching the road, just head along it to reach the marker and find Julio at the Perez Farms.
  • When you get here, head over to the Southwest here you will find a Libertad Cache which likely will have Supremo-Bond.
  • Then go over and talk with Julio.
  • He will tell Dani about the basics of the plan.
  • He will also give them 2 clothing items: Fuego Mitts and Hazmat Mask.