Sneak inside up to the rooftop is an objective in Far Cry New Dawn (FCND).

Sneak inside up to the rooftop is an objective in the Story Mission, Inside Job in Far Cry New Dawn


  • Back in the main yard, it is time to start getting back into the main factory itself.
  • Head to the North and get over to the large door you entered the yard from.
  • Interact with the large red button to the left of the large door.
  • Go into the entry chamber and wait for the outside door to close before the inner door will open.
  • Head to the North, sneaking up behind the Highwayman who is moving into the back left corridor with their shield.
  • Turn to the South and open the door there, nearby where you killed the Highwayman.
  • In this control room, you will see a large yellow switch on the Eastern control panel.
  • With this Highwayman killed and switch thrown, turn to the East and head across the room to the gate.
  • You will see a Highwayman filing at a gate.
  • Take them down with a takedown, collect their weapons in case, and then push through the nearby gate.
  • Go to the South and then turn to the West, going through the gate to your left.
  • From there, turn to the North and take down the Highwayman working at a locked door there.
  • Take them down and then turn to the East, head into a different section of the yard.
  • Head to the South from there, going into the yard.
  • Approach the crate with the Highwayman leaning against it.
  • Get them with a takedown and continue to the South.
  • Go through the gate opening the fencing and toward the stairs ahead on the right.
  • Ignore the nearby Highwaymen and carefully go up the stairs to the rooftop.
  • Here, you will see the warden, Frank.