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The Farm Feud Story[edit]

Farm Feud follows the story of a small group of barnyard critters, and some mutual varmint acquaintances, who are fed up with life on the farm and are resistant to the inevitable journey to the slaughterhouse.

Convinced that the farmer is controlling the minds of the other animals by drugging the food and water supplies, our heroes decide to take it upon themselves to gather up any weapon they can make or find, in the event they are forced to fight back against their captor and his hired hands.

Unfortunately, they soon realize that their suspicions are correct and that the farmer's maniacal plans are more gruesome than they could have ever imagined -- building a partially-organic, somewhat-hormone-free, frozen meal empire.


Faced with a future filled with severed limbs, fatal-levels of preservatives, cardboard coffins, and freezer burn, the time for escape is now. They must kill their way through a blockade of the farmer's obedient, zombie-like army who are compelled to prevent our heroes from escaping.

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Scenes from Levels 1 through 6 of Farm Feud[edit]

FarmFeudLevel1.png            FarmFeudLevel2.png          FarmFeudLevel3.png
Level 1: Fly the Coop                                         Level 2: When Pigs Fly                                      Level 3: Lost in the Maize
FarmFeudLevel4.png            FarmFeudLevel5.png          FarmFeudLevel6.png
Level 4: Get the Flock Outta Here                             Level 5: Hold Your Horses                                   Level 6:  Don't Buy the Farm

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