These are the keyboard & mouse controls for Farming Simulator 2013

Move W A S D

Look around Arrow keys Mouse movement

Run Shift left

Jump Space

Skip message box Left mouse button

Open shop screen directly P

Light on/off F

Activate PDA/switch through screens I

Move to next page on a PDA screen 9

Call menu ESC

Chat (multiplayer) T

Interact with objects R

Change time scale 7 8

Transfer money (multiplayer) L


Steer W A S D

Horn 0

Flashing light home

Move camera Arrow keys Mouse movement

Enter/exit vehicle E

Switch camera C

Zoom camera + - (NumPad) Mouse wheel

Move front loader/telescopic loader J K N M Buttons + movement

Attach/detach implement

Unload tipper Q

Switch between vehicles Tab

Hire/dismiss worker H

Lower/lift tool V

Tool function 1 2 3 4 5 B X O V Y

Turn cutter on/off J

Switch between attached tools G

Refuel or refill tool R

Cruise control levels 1 2 3 4

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