Crossing the Truck Line is an objective in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FinalFantasy7Remake).

Crossing the Truck Line is an objective in the Story Mission, Rough Waters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake



  • From the broken bridge in front of you, lead the party over to the right.
  • Go across the walkway to the Northeast to the fight against 2 Wererat and Blugu.
  • Defeat them and head over to the Northeastern passage and then take the ladder down.
  • Once on the level with the water, go to the North and go to the Green outlined lever.
  • Interact with that switch to lower the water nearby.
  • Take the nearby ladder down into the water way.
  • In the waterway, you will encounter 2 Blugus, and a Scissorclaw.
  • Go to the North, ducking underneath the sluice gate to encounter another group of enemies: Scissorclaw, and Blugu.
  • Defeat these foes then take the nearby ladder up onto the middle level.
  • From there, go up to the ground level and heading over to the walkway.
  • Once there, go to the South to find a piece of Materia: Poison Materia.
  • Return to the middle landing where you can see another green-outlined handle.
  • Use the handle to lower the Sluice Gate.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Video Walkthrough - Crossing the Truck Line