Follow the Waterway is an objective in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FinalFantasy7Remake).

Follow the Waterway is an objective in the Story Mission, Rough Waters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake



  • Start by leaving the room that the party fouht Abzu in and then turn to the left, going down the hallway.
  • At the end of this path, you will encounter a Sahagin, introducing them as an enemy.
  • Head over to the left and go over to the nearby ladder leading upwards.
  • At the top of the ladder, head over to the right to find a chest with 2 Hi-Potions.
  • Go along the path toward the first path to lead to a sluice gate.
  • Head past the gate and then go over to the end of the pathway.
  • Follow this to the end to find a small pile of boxes for supplies.
  • Go back over to to the gate and interact with the handle to open the nearby sluice gate.
  • Head down into the formerly filled waterway.
  • Go forward and go under the raised watergate to reach a Purple Chest that has the Feathered Gloves.
  • Climb up the ladder or use the stairs on the other side to catch up with Tifa, and Aerith.
  • Go down the nearby hallway to reach the Sewers Vending Machine, which has the music track, The Oppressed.
  • Restock on any needed supplies at the Vending Machine (and get the music!) not to mention rest at the bench across from the Vending Machine.
  • Go down the path nearby the vending machine and take the ladder downward.
  • At the base of the ladder, go over to the right into the large circular room.
  • In this room, you will encounmter 3 Wererats.
  • Head to the left from where you entered and down the Western passage here.
  • Continue over to the West, through the next room into the next hallway and follow it forward into the next room.
  • Here, the party will encounter their first Scissorclaw as well as a few Wererats.
  • In this circular room, head out to the East, and into the next passage that to a locked gate.
  • In front of the gate are some boxes you can smash for some supplies.
  • Go up the ladder to the North and continue along the passage there.
  • Take either passage here to the East or West and pass through the darkness to reach the chamber beyond.
  • Once there, go into the room to the South between the 2 passages.
  • Inside is a control room, so head over to control on the Southern Wall
  • Look to the Northeastern section of this room to find a pile of boxes to smash.
  • Head over to the East from the control room and back to the middle of the formerly dark passage.
  • In here, you will encounter a pair of Scissorclaws from both sides.
  • Favor magic against the Scissorclaws to bypass their blocking.
  • Head back tothe South and then through to the passage leading to the West and into the opposite chamber.
  • Inside this Western chamber, head over to the Southwestern corner of the room.
  • You will find a control panel which you can interact with using a Hold.
  • This will drain the nearby water, giving access to the ladder nearby.
  • Head over to the chest here which has 800 Gil in it.
  • Return to the Eastern chamber with the Western chamber drained.
  • Once in the Eastern chamber, go over to the Southeastern corner which has another lever in the corner.
  • This will drain the water here and let the party access the lower area, where you will see a Stamp mark on the wall.
  • Go over to the mark on the wall to find a Sewers Key on the floor below.
  • From there, go to the North and go to the Northern door leading to the North.
  • Open the door, which will use the Sewers Key, allowing the party to progress North.
  • Head into the next chamber to find the passage forward.
  • This will lead you into the Sewer System - Truck Line


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Video Walkthrough - Follow the Waterway