Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Hiding in Plain Sight - The Day Midgar Stood Still

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Hiding in Plain Sight is an objective in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FinalFantasy7Remake).

Hiding in Plain Sight is an objective in the Story Mission, The Day Midgar Stood Still in Final Fantasy 7 Remake



  • Time to continue along the path in front of the party, smashing the crates for supplies.
  • Look for the jump arrow to get across the narrow gap in the floor.
  • On this section of the ruined road, you will encounter 2 3-C SOLDIER Operators.
  • Follow the road as it spirals downward to the next break in the surface.
  • At the next large gap, the Grappling Gun is needed again to cross it.
  • The team tries to go high to avoid a fight, but the roof collapses and they are dumped into another fight.
  • This fight is against 2 Elite Security Officers and a Guard Dog.
  • Defeat this trio and head down to the next flat portion of the road to find the next part of the fight against 2 more Elite Security Officers.
  • They are shortly joined by a Helitrooper that come in from above.
  • Head over to the left through the remains of the tunnel there and turn to the right to find the next group in this fight.
  • This has 2 Elite Security Officers and 2 Security Officers for the party to battle.
  • Another callout happens after at least half of that team had been defeat with yet more enemies coming in: 4 Elite Grenadiers, 2 more Elite Security Officers and another Helitrooper.
  • Continue forward through the tunnel in front of you and resume the upwards climb with this slow spiral.
  • Head upwards along this path to the next ledge that has a ladder, climb on up it.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

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