Marriage and kids is a new feature in Fire Emblem Awakening

This page will have a marriage guide/information on marrying and on children in Fire Emblem Awakening.

How does marriage work[edit]

Two characters can get married, allowing you to recruit a child with inherited skills and modifiers.

Marriage Rules[edit]

In the Marriage System in Fire Emblem Awakening, both characters must be the opposite sex. There are no same sex marriages in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Building Relationships[edit]

Build unit relationships via conversations and by pairing them in the battlefield.


After two characters get married, Paralogues (side quests) become available in which you can go recruit a level 10 child.

Child Skills[edit]

Skills are passed on to the children from their parents. The last skill (most bottom) of the parents are inherited by the children. Rearrange the skills if necessary (use "Equip Skills") Some skills cannot be passed on due to downloaded content restrictions such as the dread fighter or bride class skills. Dance skills can be passed on but it is useless as there is one dancer in the game. Thief skills also can be passed on. Chrom will always pass rightful heir to sons and aether to daughters. Lucina follows the same rule.

Child Classes[edit]

Can only access classes that their parents can have

Stats Inheritance[edit]

Base Stats[edit]

From Mother


From Father and Mother

Number of Children[edit]

13 Unlockable Chidren

List of Children[edit]

Lucina - Chrom - lord

Cynthia - Sumia - Pegasus knight

Morgan - my unit - unpromoted class of other parent or tactician

Gereme - Cherche - Wyvern Rider

Owain - Lissa - swordfighter

Nah - Nowi - manakete

Severa -Cordelia - mercenary

Brady - Maribelle - priest

Noire - Thraja - archer

Kjelle - Sully - knight

Laurent - Miriel - Mage

Yarne - Panne - Taguel

Inigo - Olivia - mercenary

Default Children[edit]


Your Avatar will always get Morgan as a child, IN ADDITION to the other child. Morgan will be of the opposite sex - so if your avatar is male you get a female Morgan, and if your avatar is female you get a male Morgan. However, your avatar can pair off with other non-child producing units to produce just Morgan. Your male avatar can pair off with females that do not produce other children like Anna for example.


Chrom will always have a daughter named Lucina IN ADDITION to regular child, unless he pairs with the village girl.

Pairings that do not produce children[edit]

These characters can't have children unless it is with a male avatar:







Best Marriage Pairing Suggestions[edit]

There are many great pairings. It is best to pair each unit with another unit that complements the weaknesses. Also generally weapon with weapons and magic with magic.

Chrom with your avatar, Olivia or Sumia

Lissa is best with a weapon unit due to her son using swords. Gaius, Vaike, Donnel

Maribelle with Henry, Ricken, or Libra

Panne with Vaike, Donnel, or Gregor

Sumia with Chrom, your avatar, Gaius or Henry

Sully with Vaike, Virion, Donnel, or Kellam

Cordelia with Stahl, Vaike, Kellam, Gaius, or Lon'qu

Nowi with anyone

Tharja with a weapons based unit as she has an archer. Libra, Donnel, Gaius.

Avatar with 2nd generation unit

Miriel with Ricken or Henry

Cherche with Stahl, Vaike, Kellam, Donnel

Olivia with Chrom, Virion, or Libra

Best Marriage for Avatar[edit]

Any child unit is the best for the avatar.

Marrying Chrom to Olivia[edit]

Chrom has Olivia last in his list. It goes along the lines of Sully then female unit then Sumia then Maribelle then Olivia then some random villager if the are all equal in love points. You get love points by fighting next to or healing the unit or if it is Olivia, you can dance. If you can get Olivia higher than all anyone else in that chapter, they get married. It is hard and it is easier if you marry Sully and Sumia off and only heal Chrom with Lissa. Basically, keep females away from Chrom till you see Olivia and have her dance for him every turn.

Marriage Deadline[edit]

Deadline for Chrom getting married is Chapter 11.

Donnell Marriage[edit]

Donnell is best with any female that will produce a weapon-using son. Maribelle is a surpassing choice if you want to use her son as a weapons user and not a sage. Lissa is another excellent choice. Any son will also have access to the villas class. If you properly train him, none of the children who use weapons will turn out bad.

Best Marriage for Male My Unit[edit]

Any female child unit

Best Marriage for Female My Unit[edit]

Chrom's son if he has one followed by another 2nd generation male.

Gaius Marriage[edit]

Nowi is best marriage for Gaius

Henry Marriage[edit]

Best pairing for Henry is Maribelle

Tharja Marry[edit]

Optimal marriage for Tharja is Libra

Panne Mariage Recommendations[edit]

Best Marriage for Panne is Lon'qu

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