The Jetpack is one of the Backpacks available in Fortnite BR

The Backpack is a type of equipment in Fortnite Battle Royale.

IMPORTANT: This page is about "Backpacks" which are gear your character uses to help him gain some advantage in the game. There are also COSMETIC BACKPACKS, known as "Back Blings" which are Skins that your character can buy in the Item Shop or win through the Battle Pass. See: Back Blings.


  • Backpacks take inventory slot (like weapons & Consumables)
  • Can be moved to different positions in your inventory.
  • You can carry only one Backpack at a time.
  • Picking up a new backpack will swap it with the currently equipped backpack.
  • When a Backpack is fully consumed, it will be automatically destroyed.
  • Your Back Bling is not visible while the Backpack is equipped. Once unequipped, your Back Bling is visible once again.


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