This page lists locations of Bullseyes for the Season 3 Week 3 Battle Pass Challenge "Land on Different Bullseyes"

  • Pleasant Park Soccer Field
  • On the Mountain south of Junk Junction
  • At the umbrella near the motel
  • On big house in center of Loot Lake

See map below:


NOTE: The Bullseyes are very easy to spot from the Battle Bus. They look like radiating red rings. See screenshots below:

FortniteBattleRoyaleLandonDifferentBullseyes.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleLandonDifferentBullseyes2.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleLandonDifferentBullseyes3.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleLandonDifferentBullseyes4.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleLandonDifferentBullseyes5.jpg

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