This is how a Bush Consumable looks like in Fortnite BR. Allows a player to become a bush.

The Bush Consumable is a Consumable in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A portable bush disguise.


Bush Consumables can be found in chests and in Supply Drops.


  • Consume to camouflage your player as a Bush.
  • Requires 3.5 seconds of uninterrupted action to consume.
  • The effect ends if you take any damage.

Inventory Icon[edit]





Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Stay in one place as much as you can. A moving bush is very noticeable and you will get spotted easily and killed. So it's better to remain stationary.
  • You can pick up items and aim while you are a bush.
  • Make sure you are crouching while using the bush for the best camouflage, otherwise it may look a bit heightened and off and alert to your presence.
  • If you take damage from the Storm while wearing it, you stop being a bush.


Epic Games just brought in new animations for all consumables including the Bush Consumable.

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