Cuddle Bow Back Bling

Cuddle Bow is a Back Bling you can get in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Back Blings are objects that appear on the back of your player, such as a shield or a backpack. They serve no purpose other than cosmetic.


A cute bow.

Part of the Royale Hearts Set

This is the Cuddle Team Leader's outfit back bling.

How to get[edit]

Purchase the Cuddle Team Leader Outfit from the Item Shop.

The Cuddle Team Leader Skin is a legendary outfit which costs 2,000 Vbucks.

When you buy the outfit you automatically get this Back Bling.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • While this Back Bling is part of the Cuddle Team Leader Skin, you can choose to unequip the Back Bling and use a different Back Bling instead in the Locker. And you can use the Cuddle Bow also with any other outfit. Mix & match Outfits and Back Blings!


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