Junk Junction as it appears on the minimap in Fortnite BR

Junk Junction is an area in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A junkyard full of stacked crushed cars, as well as a big crane. Junk junction has a good amount of loot, and few people typically spend time here. It also has a lot of materials so its a good place to start your round.


Junk Junction is located on the north-west part of the map, just north of Haunted Hills.

See map below.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Check for loot on top of car piles.
  • You can access many areas without needing to build stairs by jumping from pile to pile.
  • Tons of metal to mine for building forts later.
  • Make sure you are aware of how many people are going here with you (If any!).
  • Be aware of people moving in from Haunted Hills and the Castle thingy right next to Junk.
  • If lots of people are coming with you I would try to go to the big compartment in the back and let everyone else go for the big factory.
  • Also be mindful of the "Llama" behind Junk. This place can have 1-3 Chests so if you need to it is possible to land here straight away and then move into Junk to kill anyone else still alive there.
  • WARNING-This place can be extremely far away from the next circle so make sure to start running a good amount of time before the circle starts closing in if it is far away!

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