Leaderboards in Fortnite BR.


The Leaderboards screen displays various player statistics of all the players in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Leaderboards were introduced in patch 1.8

Leaderboards include:

  • Rank: Player Ranking
  • User: Username
  • # of wins How many times player won

Additional filters include:

  • Placed top 10: How many times player placed in top 10
  • Placed top 25: How many times player placed in top 25
  • Match Type:
    • Solo
      • Top 10
      • Top 25
    • Duo
      • Top 5
      • Top 12
    • Squad
      • Top 3
      • Top 6

A panel on the left also shows the following information:

  • How long until leaderboard resets
  • How long until the next leaderboard update.

Leaderboard Types[edit]

Division Leaderboard[edit]

  • A division consists of a group of 50 active players who compete against each other to see who will take top the spot.
  • Every player is automatically assigned a new division each week.
  • Every different match type (Solo, Duo, Squad) gets its own separate division.


Friends Leaderboard[edit]

You can compare yourself to your friends by turning on "Friends Only" option on leaderboards menu.

Leaderboard Reset[edit]

  • The leaderboards reset weekly.
  • Reset day is Wednesday.
  • Leaderboards are for same platform only, no cross platform.