An orange Thermal Scope Assault Rifle in Fortnite BR.

The Thermal Scoped AR is a Weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A high-power AR with a thermal scope making it easier to find enemies.


Value Attribute
Type Ranged Weapon
Name Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle
Rarity Legendary Weapon.
Class Assault Rifle
Ammo Medium Bullets
DPS 66.6
Damage 37.0
Fire Rate 1.8
Magazine Size 15
Reload Time 2.1


Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Tiers[edit]

Name Rarity DPS Damage Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Headshot
Epic Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Epic 64.8 36.0 1.8 15 2.2
Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Legendary 66.6 37.0 1.8 15 2.1

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