The Road Trip Loading Screen in Fortnite BR.

"Road Trip" is one of the Loading Screens in Fortnite Battle Royale.


"What better place to start than a giant hilltop burger? We convinced a new friend to join us as well."

This loading screen depicts the characters on a hill near a giant burger statue.

One of the characters is looking at a map which if you look more closely has a battlestar in the area of the umbrella.

How to get[edit]

Complete all of the Weekly Challenges of any single week in Season 5.

That will complete the 1st Road Trip Challenge and unlock the Road Trip Loading Screen.

Battlestar Location[edit]

If you unlock this loading screen you can get a free tier. The Road Trip Week 1 hidden tier location is found at the umbrella shaped dig site between Pleasant Park and Lazy Links. It is found on the north part of the excavation.

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