The following Vending Machines can be found at Loot Lake in Fortnite Battle Royale:

Northern dock[edit]

There is a dock on the northeast side of the lake, and there is a small shack on that dock. The vending machine is next to the shack.

FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake2.jpg

West factory[edit]

  • At the west shore of Loot Lake, inside a big factory building, there is a vending machine on the first floor in the lounge

FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake3.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake4.jpg

East cabin[edit]

  • Outside a cabin on a hill to the east:

FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake5.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleVendingMachinesLootLake6.jpg

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