Before rushing into a room, look around the corner to make sure there are no other players waiting for you there
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These are some Beginner tips for new players in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Vocabulary to know:

  • POI - Point of Interest, aka named locations on the map.
  • 90's - The action of placing stairs, walls, and floors at different 90 degree angles, which is currently the fastest way to gain high ground over an opponent.
  • Drop - place you're going to land
  • Waterfalling - placing ~4 walls, a stair and repeating. Skilled players often use this to drop to lower ground if they're up too high.
  • Ramp rush - A building technique with many variants, such as the triple layer, quad layer, and Thanos ramp rush. Basically, it is a method of protecting yourself from falling while using stairs towards an opponent, may it be using walls, floors, or another stair.
  • Hot Drop - POI closest to the beginning of the Battle Bus route.
  • Cracked/Whited - Dealing enough damage to break a players shields.
  • Lit - Very low health.
  • Mini's - Mini Shield Potions
  • Pots/Big Pots - Shield Potions
  • Box - a 1 x 1 structure with 4 walls and a ceiling, minimum.

  • First and foremost, this game is about surviving, not killing.
    • However, fighting other players makes you both better at fighting in the future, and gives you better loot. Nowadays, hiding is now looked down upon and not recommended.
  • Dropping into a populated area will enhance your fighting skills over time and give you better loot overall. The downside to this is, while learning, you will die. A lot.
  • Dropping into an unpopulated area means you will have to run farther to the circle, which in turn means you will have to loot quicker. However, if your circle is close, it means you will usually only have to share the loot with one or two people.
  • Landing near other players while new at the game may result in death, so do so with this risk in mind.
  • Your first priority when dropping into a location should be to find shields and a shotgun.
  • Your Harvesting Tool can also damage players. It does 20 damage per hit, and could be a useful tool if you land on a chest with an enemy and don't get the gun.
  • A twinkling, almost angelic sound means there is a chest nearby.
  • There are a lot of chests in various locations and they have randomized loot.
    • Chests drop a guaranteed weapon (of random rarity), ammo for it, and a random consumable (Bandages, Med Kit, Minis, or a Shield Potion) or grenades.
  • Be sure to loot all chests in the area as some may have very good items.
  • There are 6 tiers of weapons in this game:
    • Common (Gray)
    • Uncommon (Green)
    • Rare (Blue)
    • Epic (Purple)
    • Legendary (Orange)
    • Mythic (Yellow)
  • Legendary items are very hard to come by, although Supply Drops will always give you an epic or legendary weapon.
  • Weapon accuracy is increased depending of the tier of the weapon. For example, a Gray tactical shotgun's hip-fire accuracy is larger than a Blue rarity tactical shotgun. Same goes for every weapon.
  • Rocket Launchers are pretty hard to find, including ammo for them, but are very powerful.
  • A good strategy for dealing with people in boxes is firing a rocket, then using your rifle to break the wall. If they don't build a new wall, or the rocket is timed right, the rocket will hit and either kill or take off their shields completely.
  • There are 3 types of healing items: Bandages, Med Kits, Floppers, and Small Fry's.
  • Mini Shield Potions and shield potions are vital to winning fights and surviving longer.
  • Bandages can only heal you up to 75 hp, while Med Kits heal completely.
  • Campfires can be found littered throughout the map, and can be lit, healing you for 2 health/second. Likewise, you can spend 30 wood on a lit campfire to stoke it, healing for ~6 health per second for 5 seconds.
  • Pay attention to both visual and sound cues.
  • Prioritize Assault and Sniper Rifles, but don't forget about a Shotgun even till the end of the game.
    • Each loadout typically has a Shotgun, SMG, AR, Sniper/Explosive, and a healing item.
  • Don't get forced in by the Circle, plan in advance.
  • Build ramps to access new areas.
  • After killing someone don't loot immediately, first check that there is no one else around who may kill you while you are looting.
  • All weapons except sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers are called Hitscan weapons. The visualization of their bullets are superficial except to allow players to note where the shots are coming from. Hitscan weapons do not require you to lead your shots, and you can aim directly at your target no matter the distance.
  • Walking over ammo, building materials and traps will automatically pick them up. Use this to clear up the clutter for when you are looting player's bodies.
    • Alternatively, you can pull out your pickaxe and pick them up that way as well.
  • Don't always use a shield potion right away! You may find mini shields soon after.
  • Launch Pads are extremely useful. They can be used for escaping the storm, getting in or out of a fight and dropping on enemies for a surprise attack. If you see one, make it a high priority to pick it up.
  • Remember to collect resources. Wood is fastest to farm, but the weakest, brick is medium, metal is the hardest. You will die without resources in this game.
  • Trees, rocks, buildings and everything destructible can be destroyed with a pick faster if you aim your pick towards the blue circle that appears when mining an object. This will give you 2x materials and mine it 2x as fast.
  • Never let anyone have the high ground over you as they will have the advantage.
  • Always build up. Never shoot without some kind of cover. If there isn't any - make one.
  • Try to learn how to build, loot and correct your inventory the fastest way possible. But apart from that haste isn't always advised.
  • Be like Obi Wan Kenobi - higher ground is almost always an advantage.
  • Remember you can destroy pretty much anything in this game. Someone is camping in the building? Bring down the walls!
  • Be aware of the storm. The first two circles deal small damage, but are fast. From the third one up it hits harder, but you can outrun it!
  • Mini shields can only heal up to 50 shields, so drink them first before your Slurp/Big Shield.
  • Consider firing in semi-automatic shots with automatic weapons such as the assault rifles. Doing so will allow you to shoot with 100% acccuracy. NOTE: When using 100% accuracy with burst assault rifles, only the first two out of the three shots will be accurate.
  • ALWAYS take everything when you have free inventory slots. Even if you won't use them, it prevents someone else using it against you.