Reaper Pickaxe in Fortnite BR. You can buy it from the Cash Store for 800 vbucks.

NOTE: This entry is for the PICKAXE named "Reaper" that you purchase in the Item Shop. For the outfit named "The Reaper" which you get for unlocking all tiers of the Season 3 Battle Pass, see here: The Reaper (Outfit)

Reaper is the name of one of the Pickaxe Skins in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A Reaper Axe

"Harvest resources... and souls with the limited edition reaper pickaxe."

This item is a skin that modifies the look of your Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool).

How to get

This axe is a limited edition item exclusive to Halloween/Fortnightmares. The Reaper was first available to players to purchase through the item shop on October 27th, 2017. It was regarded as one of the rarest, if not the rarest pickaxe in the game; thought by many players to never return to the item shop. On October 25th, 2018 It was re-released to the item shop for the original price of 800 V-Bucks.


800 V-Bucks



  • The Reaper Harvesting Tool can be equipped in the Locker before the match.

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