The Road Trip Challenge Week 2 Free Tier in Fortnite BR. Find the secret battlestar and advance a tier in your battlepass.

This page has info on the Free Tier from the 2nd week of the Road Trip Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.


You can only find this free battlestar after unlocking the Fairway Fun Loading Screen.

This is done by completing two Road Trip Challenges which entails completing all Weekly Challenges of any two weeks in Season 5.


This is the Fairway Fun Loading Screen for reference:


You can see the chararacters riding Golf Karts in Lazy Links. In the background, you can see a battlestar on top of the clubhouse.


The Road Trip week 2 hidden star location is found on the roof of the club house in the country club of Lazy Links.

See screenshot and maps below to help find the location of the secret tier.





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