Small Shield Potion in Fortnite BR.

The Small Shield Potion (also known as the "mini shield potion") is an uncommon version of the Shield Potion in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A potion that has the consistency of a jelly. Applies a small amount of shields.

You can stack up to 6 small shields in a single slot.


Adds 25 shields.

Note that you can only use it up to 50 shield. If you are already at 50 shields or more you won't be able to use the small shield potion (Similar as not being able to use Bandage past 75% health).


Small Shield Potions can be found in chests as well as in the wild.

It is easier to find than a Shield Potion.

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Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Small Shield Potions are good if only a portion of your shield is gone, and you don't want to waste a whole rare Shield Potion (though as noted, the small shield potion can only bring your shield up to a maximum of 50%).

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