Teams of 20 LTM. Five teams of 20 players fight to the finish inn Fortnite BR!

Teams of 20 Limited Time Mode is a Match Type in Fortnite Battle Royale.


  • Each team is composed of five squads of four players.
  • All teammates will be displayed in green on the map.
  • The Map screen now shows total number of players alive on each team.
  • Increased chances of treasure chests spawning from 50-70% to 60-80%.
  • Increased chances of ammo boxes spawning from 65-80% to 75-90%.
  • Supply Drops always come in batches of 5 instead of varying amounts per Storm Circle. Supply Drop rate increased from 180 (+/- 30s) to 210 (+/- 30s).
  • Teams of 20 has six Storm Circles as opposed to nine. Maximum match length is 23 minutes, down from 25.
  • Storm Circle Timings:
    • Storm Circle 1: Random location. 60s wait, 180s shrink time.
    • Storm Circle 2: Random location. 60s wait, 90s shrink time.
    • Storm Circle 3: Location centered on previous storm (for the rest of the match). 120s wait, 90s shrink time.
    • Storm Circle 4: 120s wait, 60s shrink.
    • Storm Circle 5: 180s wait, 60s shrink.
    • Storm Circle 6: 240s wait, 120s shrink.

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