Tilted Towers as it appears on the minimap in Fortnite BR

Tilted Towers is an area in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A town with many high residential buildings and a clocktower. The tall buildings make great places for close quarter combat. Tilted was hit by a small amount of meteors and one destroyed building has a small crater with a few hop rocks in it.


Tilted Towers is located on the west part of the map, just south of Loot Lake.

See map below.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Emphasis is on vertical gameplay.
  • Lots of tall buildings from which you can snipe.
  • Be careful not to fall to your death from the high heights of the buildings.
  • There is a road that goes under ground level, a truck is parked there, sometimes there is a chest in the cargo of that truck.
  • In the gas station there is a hidden tunnel.. there can be up to 2 chests there.
  • After the update, it's very busy in Tilted Towers. So be careful!
  • North of the park area, west to the clocktower there is a red brick floor on the ground, destroy that and you might find a chest, a loot spawn, and a ammo crate in there, not many people know about the place, but be careful as you would be standing out in the open while going for it.
  • You might find "Hop rocks" beside the clock tower. Use them and it will decrease the gravitational pull, but it does make a lot of sound.


  • The Telescopes and the Meteor that appeared recently may suggest that Tilted Towers is going to be destroyed.Rumors have been confirmed to be true!
  • Tilted Towers is now having a meteor shower around 11pm BST, it is unknown when it is going to end currently. Predicted at 19th April after Tilted Towers is destroyed.
  • Turns out that dusty depots is destroyed by the comet instead of Tilted Towers. This marked the start of Season 4.

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