Fancy Basket Ball Toy in Fortnite BR.

"Fancy Basket Ball" is a Fancy Toy you can unlock in Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Use it to play basketball.


"From downtown!"

This is a fancier version of the Basket Ball that you earn at Tier 11 of the paid Season 5 Battle Pass.

When you use it, you throw the Basket Ball.

The Basket Ball can bounce and other players can interact with it to throw it back to you.

How to get[edit]

The Fancy Basket Ball Toy is earned at Tier 91 of the paid Season 5 Battle Pass.

How to use[edit]

Select it from the Emote Wheel.

Suggested Locations[edit]

  • See below for a map of basketball courts:



The basketball can be used to complete the weekly challenge: Score a basket on different hoops.


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