Ambush the FIB Team when ready

"Ambush the FIB Team when ready" is an objective in the story mission The Third Way in Grand Theft Auto V.


The FIB Tactical team moves into the foundry. They want to get the crew bad. Arm Franklin with an assault rifle and lay into them after they're all inside. There are 2 groups of FIB agents after you. Deal with them both quickly.

When the FIB go down, Merryweather shows up to help with the party. Deal with the first group of Merryweather as Michael until Trevor starts talking. This is a good time to fight on as Trevor. Merryweather is coming in via a catwalk and Trevor has the best view of it.

The teams of the FIB and Merryweather will clash some in addition to fighting the crew. Freely change between all the characters to get the best shots you can.

Keep at this fight for a while. After that time Lamar will phone in to Franklin and tell him he needs help. Immediately move out as Franklin (who you are automatically transferred to).

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