Appropriate Associates can provide all kinds of friends for your parties. Just go to their Website to order and give your image a boost today!

Fake entertainment executives - get your party guests worked into a lather when they think that you have high profilefriends from movie studios and TV networks

Dizzy skirts - nothing livens up a party like shrieking giggly girts with big tits.

Hipsters - we have unshaven guys and hairy girts so hip they’ll talk bands and broken bicycles for hours.

Politicians - many of these guys will show up for free.

Female bodybuilders - often so juiced up they start fights! Hot. weird and VERY sexy (special discount rate).

Cool Mom - we’ll have a woman (who looks oddly young to be your mom) dazzle your guests with how awesome and cool she is. unlike your real mom who is disappointed in what a shallow turd you are.

Dotcom executives - mingle with people who have figured out how to monetize everyone else’s hard work.

Video Game executives - really boring people who never made it in movies and love golf.

Russians - sexy, drunken and great in the snow.

Eskimos - not that sexy but even better in the snow!

Sheiks - useless in the snow.

Southerners - guaranteed to whoop it up and shoot it up.

British - feel sophisticated as pasty faced British blobs mill about and prove what a terrible public education system we have in America.

Dogs - we can supply you with a dog that does tricks.

Lady that has sexy-time with donkey - believe it or not this is one of our biggest requests.

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