Bail Jumper 1: Ralph Ostrowski
Bail Jumper 1: Ralph Ostrowski

"Bail Jumper 1: Ralph Ostrowski" is a side mission in the Bail Bonds missions from Maude in Grand Theft Auto V.


Head to the the bottom of the quarry found in the Grapeseed, Sandy Shores area. As you approach the bottom, shoot out 1 or two of the tires on the Northern car. if you are very quick with the Stun Gun, you can take him down as he runs for the car. Need be, go for another tire. He will get out of the car and surrender to Trevor.

If you want it to be over quickly, then just kill him.

If you drew the Cop's attention, you will need to lose them.

Either way, report back to Maude to complete the mission and get the reward.

Next Mission[edit]

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