Bail Jumper 2: Larry Tupper
Bail Jumper 2: Larry Tupper

“Bail Jumper 2: Larry Tupper”, a Bail Bonds mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

Prerequisite Mission[edit]

Bail Jumper 1: Ralph Ostrowski


Head on out to the marked abandoned farm. There you will find Larry Tupper. There are a number of Lost MC Gang Members. You can deal with them quickly and your target will start running for the hills after firing some shots off at you.

A Good way to approach this is come on in from the hills. Use a silenced and scoped Sniper Rifle. Pick off the Lost that don't have the plaid shirt around their waist (that's your target). Now just track down your target on the map. Stun him or kill him depending on how much money you want to make or how you feel.

Next Mission[edit]

Bail Jumper 3: Glenn Scoville

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