Beat up Willie and collect his gold tooth

"Beat up Willie and collect his gold tooth" is an objective in the Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie mission from Nigel and Mrs Thornhill in Grand Theft Auto V.


Approach Willie as he leans against the stage with a groupie nearby. He will tell Trevor to leave before he beats him up. Go ahead and lay him down with a quick series of punches and kicks as Trevor. If you want it over quickly, then use Trevor's Rage ability to down him quickly (just a hit or 2 will do it).

Once Willie goes down, a blue blip will show on the minimap. This is the Gold tooth you are after. Grab it and quickly leave the club. With a little luck you won't have a 1 Star Wanted Level to shake off.

After that wanted level is lost or you are outside of the club, Trevor will call Nigel and report the success.

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