Cash in Grand Theft Auto 5

Cash is the currency of Grand Theft Auto V. It is collected in bundles and can be used to buy weapons, vehicles, clothes, and customization items, among many other things.

How to Get Cash in GTA V[edit]

There are many ways to get cash in GTA V. The most common of these is likely to just run civilians over. They will often drop bundles of money for players to pick up.

Running over parking meters will also get the players bundles of cash, as will completing most of the game's side missions.

For the more daring, performing heists is by far the largest source of cash income. Most of these heists are contained within missions, and can only be performed as stated in the parameters of the mission.

Players can also earn cash without resorting to violence thanks to the in-game Stock Market, viewable through the player's phones. Stocks will go up and down in real time, and are often influenced by a player's actions in the game world.

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