Hobbies and Pastimes

“Hobbies and Pastimes”, are a set of side mission in Grand Theft Auto V. 42, of the more than 60 Hobbies, contribute 10% toward your 100% completion.

Counted Hobbies and Pastimes[edit]

These Hobbies and Pastimes count toward your 100% completion:

Assassination Missions, Flight School, Off-Road Racing, Parachuting, Sea Races, Shooting Range, Sports: Darts, Golf, Tennis & Triathlon, Street Races, Strip Club: Lap Dance

Mission Categories[edit]

Arms Trafficking: Air

Arms Trafficking: Ground

Assassination Missions

Bail Bonds Missions


Endless Summer: Taxi Missions

Flight School


Off-Road Races

Property Management

Sea Races

Shooting Range

Sports: Darts

Sports: Golf

Sports: Tennis

Sports: Triathlon

Street Races

Strip Club: Lap Dance



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