Les Bianco, fine seafood in Grand Theft Auto 5

Les Bianco is a seafood restaurant chain in Grand Theft Auto V


Based on it's name and appearance, it appears to be an expensive luxury restaurant.

There are three locations for this restaurant:

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • None of these restaurants are entereable by the player


  • The Les Bianco restaurant on West Eclipse Boulevard is located a walking distance from Michael's Mansion. So one can assume that the De Santa Family dines here sometimes.
  • In fact. in one of the cinematic character switch scenes, Michael can be seen exiting Les Bianco on West Vinewood.
  • The restaurant's name comes from Italian/French, and means "The White"
  • If you read the name fast, it also makes it sound like "Lesbian co."
  • The logo has a small fish in the end.

Les Bianco Locations[edit]

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W. Eclipse Blvd
W. Eclipse Blvd
Del Perro Plaza
Del Perro Plaza
Rockford Plaza
Rockford Plaza

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