Screenshot 2018-11-08-18-03-57.pngNOOSE, also known as the National Office of Security Enforcement is the game's equivalent of SWAT. Called out when the player has reached a 4 or 5-star wanted level. NOOSE sharpshooters can be seen shooting at the player from their helicopters. If the agents do not have a clear shot of their target, they may land or rappel from their helicopters. These officers are very accurate and will drain the player's health really easily and quickly. Body armor and quick retaliation is highly recommended to avoid being cut down by gunfire. If the player has cornered him/herself NOOSE agents will deploy tear gas in an attempt to flush the player out. If the playeris traveling in a car, NOOSE will attempt to shoot and pop the player's tires to prevent him from escaping. NOOSE will set up roadblocks using their Riot vans. These will randomly appear but will appear when using an aircraft,or using explosives.