The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith. A movie name from Grand Theft Auto 5

"The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith" is a movie name in Grand Theft Auto V

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The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith (1975)

A Dreyfuss Production

How many times have you been married. Alfredo?

Three, but always to the same woman

Bell-bottoms. intrigue and a neo-noir soundtrack that never lets go. A murder mystery wrapped in a love story wrapped in a Cold War conspiracy. When blues saxophonist and good-time guy Johnny Dupres is found drowned on a water bed at a Los Santos party, questions get asked. Murder? Overdose? A sex game gone wrong? A stupid idea for bedding? Charismatic, acerbic Alfredo Smith is a failed stock car driver tortured by over-sentimentality and uncontrollable rage, but he’s determined to find out the truth about Johnny’s death. Alfredo sets off on an obsessive journey of romance and betrayal that inexplicably requires lots of stock car chases and shooting out the window at high speed.