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Give your image a boost by hiring our professional party guests for your next social event

Real relationships are hard to come by in Los Santos. In today's disposable, online, always connected world, social media has cheapened the bond of friendship to the point of irrelevant pictures of breakfast and drunken crotch shots. It's a well known fact that Americans are lonelier now than they've ever been. Getting a “friend" to show up on your Lifeinvader page is one thing but getting them to show up for a party or meaningful event in your life is a different challenge entirely. People just can't be relied on anymore.

About us[edit]

Are you throwing a party and worried that only your fat friend and the creepy guy from the place next door will show up? Are you embarrassed at the lack of diversity in your social circle? Are you terrified your girlfriend will dump you when she discovers your buddies are all immature douchebags? Or are you just looking to replace your wingman with someone who women actually find vaguely attractive?

Appropriate Associates has been saving people from social suicide since 2009. From birthdays to weddings to funerals to product launches to political rallies, from swinger parties to entourages, our stand-ins know how to make you stand out Think of them as extras in the movie of your not so tragic life. One of those rom-coms in which an ugly soaally-awkward nerd transforms into the most popular guy around, getting to muff dive on a cheerleader and launching a successful dotcom while discovering some deeper universal truth about themselves and the world. But that's not your life. In your life you need to pay to have friends. And doing so will make your dreams come true.

Los Santos is a city where you don't get a second chance at a first impression. It’s also a city full of vain, hedonistic faux-creative types who consider real work to be beneath them, and they make perfect room-fillers for any party. With Appropriate Associates, you get all the benefits of having cool, hip, good-looking friends without having to deal with their annoying bullshit when the party is over. Call us today. Nobody need know how lonely and desperate your life really is ever again.

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