www.epsilonprogram.com in game website in Grand Theft Auto 5.

www.epsilonprogram.com is an ingame website in Grand Theft Auto V

Part of the brainwash efforts of the Epsilon Program

Welcome to the Epsilon Program[edit]

Do you want to be happy and free from thought, or continue dying in ignorance without knowing your true eternal self? You arc controlled by lots of powerful forces you do not understand. Do you want to believe? Are you everything you need and less and more? Then you are ready. Do you want to be rich in powerful tools? Our time has come, and so has yours, if you let it. The tract is now being written.

Make a donation[edit]

Please make a donation Brother, Brother.

You can click on "Donate $500" or "Donate $5,000".

Note that this is not a joke - you really will be donating and the money will be subtracted from your in-game $s balance.

After you donate you get the message "Thank you for your donation Brother, Brother! Kifflom be praised!

You might receive an email asking you to donate if you had previously triggered the Epsilon events.

Official Epsilon Robes Set[edit]

You have the chance to purchase the Official Epsilon Robes Set for $25,000.

Note that you must complete some missions for the Epsilon Program first, otherwise you will get the message "Sadly we have no robes in stock at this time. Please try again later.". Be sure to complete the identity evaluation and look for a blue question mark on your map near Raton Canyon and head there to start the relevant missions.

Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation[edit]

Complete the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation (See: Answers Guide). Answer the questions to trigger some events after a few hours (look for a blue question mark on your map near Raton Canyon)

Meet Cris Formage[edit]

See: Cris Formage


Celebrities Many celebrities become Epsilonists. Many Epsilonists become celebrities. Years ago. Cris Formage learned the truth of spreading truths, and that is that you need spokespeople. While a sports drink or soda may pay a celebrity millions to endorse their product, celebrities actually pay us to endorse our religion. It’s pure genius. And Epsilonism is the fastest pathway to genius status yet invented.

We will give you those tools. If you're ready.

The Epsilon program is more than a religion: it's the most powerful network in Vinewood. We've helped countless actors and singers propel their waning caress to the next level in the entertainment industry. By freeing its followers from guilt and responsibility, by giving them the technology to believe in the limitlessness of their capabilities and their destiny as living manifestations of the divine, the Epsilon Program has empowered stars like the top actor, environmentalist and former teen heart Throb Jimmy Boston. British leading tough guy. actor, writer and producer Scott Stephens, playboy, philosopher and internet multi-millionaire Tony McTony. rapper, actor and also philosopher Clay "PG" Jackson, pop singer and humanitarian Samantha Mukloon - to name just a few - to transform themselves into not only exceptional individuals, but also exceptional celebrities. And proud Epsilonists. Just like you could be. If you're ready. When you're ready.

Traveling to Vinewood? Stop by our Center and take an introductory course. You might just meet a famous celebrity! You might just become a famous celebrity, or a philosopher or prophet. Whichever you prefer.

Visit your local Epsilon Center

Boulevard Del Perro

Rockford Hills

Los Santos

Houses of Worship[edit]

The Epsilon group is proud to announce a new house of worship breaking ground in the middle east, which will include a crystal ladder reaching 2800 feet in the air. symbolizing the ascension to the Ninth Paradigm.

Titled Kraff Tower. it is expected to be finished in 2015. Also, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new building in Liberty City House of Worship. New houses of worship arc also planned for San Fierro in a historic building, as well as Jakarta. Sao Paulo. Rome and Alaska.

Meet members[edit]

Meet a member of the Epsilon Program

Epsilonists arc very diverse. They are scientists, great thinkers, top celebrities, actors, casting agents, directors, editors, makeup artists, screenplay writers, personal trainers and more. Here's an interview from one of our members about how Epsilonism has changed his life My name is Jason Billings. I work at Fred’s studios as a production assistant. People in my neighborhood, they know i’m an Epsilonist they’re always asking me what kind of religion is that, is it made up. has Cris ever tried to touch you...

I tell them that The Epsilon Program changed my life. I was out of work - I wanted to be an actor. I was in a couple of short films, really indie, one was called Ballz Deep. Anyway. 1 was really down on myself and upset about things and I met this guy that I went to some acting classes with he was getting a huge pan in a movie.

He told me the confidence and connections he made at the Epsilon buildings really helped his career. I was like, sign me up!

Beliefs and Practices[edit]

Beliefs and Practices of The Epsilon Program Beliefs. Life. Answers. Payment plans. All are part of the wonders of the Epsilon Program that will be revealed to you in due course. Did you think we were going to take you on a journey to your soul for free? All the best journeys eventually come to a toll road. You can pay. or you can be lost in the wilderness, it is your choice.

Many awful lies have been spread by whistleblowers, btter cex-Epsilonists. hidden camera documentaries and so-called investigative journalists in recent years, so we’d like to clear up some of the common misconceptions:

What is The Epsilon Program?

The Epsilon Program is a major world religion with members in 152 countries. It employs science and means of clear thinking that empowers its followers to become living manifestations of the divine, through an understanding of the metaphors central to it. and human history, biology and psychology. Epsilonists are free from illness, insecurity or any other form of weakness. Many live to be 300 years old or more.

When can drugs/medicine be used?

Drugs should only be used for mind expansion and never medical purposes. Epsilonists prefer the term vitamins. Medical procedures for the betterment of the external self, like cosmetic surgery, are acceptable and encouraged. Most other medicine is a fraud. The FACT is that science is full of lies. For example, many people used to think the world was flat.

How can you say sperm does not exist?

Sperm is a lie designed to trick you into believing in the great evolutionary myth. When a man spills his seed, his body is expunging ancient alien parasites. The FACT is that you've never actually seen a sperm.

How do you explain all the fossils and other evidence proving that dinosaurs existed?

Kraff placed many things in the world to confuse and challenge us. and weed out Objectionable Persons and Unsaveables. The FACT is you've never seen a dinosaur, aside from in the movies. But you have seen a hot fire - fancy spending eternity in one of those?

How can the world still be 157 years old?

Its age does not change. Time is irrelevant to eternal truth. The Fourth Paradigm is quadrillions of years old. This is the Ninth Paradigm and this Earth is its centerpiece. The FACT is you weren't alive 157 years ago, so you do not know for sure and Epsilonism provides a more complete understanding than so-called geology.

Why are you so secretive about Kraff?

It is a truth so simple yet powerful, it cannot be revealed until you have the technology to understand it, and until technology has processed your bank account. Learning the wonder of KrafFs teachings and plan for us too soon, without sufficient spiritual and financial investment, can cause great harm to the science of the mind. The FACT is Kraff loves those who love themselves by committing to a life of Epsilonism.

Is Epsilon a religion?

For tax purposes, yes.

The 12 Tenets of Kifflom[edit]

The world is 157 years old - FACT!

Dinosaurs are a lie that people believe because they are weak - FACT!

You are happy, you just don’t know it - FACT!

We all come from the same tree - FACT!

Everyone is related to everyone else, except for people with red hair - FACT!

Sperm does not exist - it is a lie spread by biology teachers - along with everything else you have ever been told - FACT

Men are supposed to lie with nine new partners a week. Women are supposed to lie with six, except tor in July, when they must lie with five men a day - FACT!

Aliens exist and are present on Earth. If you have a birth mark, you may be descended from Kraff. the famous Emperor of the Fourth Paradigm - FACT!

Trees talk, but only some people hear them - FACT!

People who believe in something live much longer than atheists, and they have eternal life thrown in for good measure - FACT!

If you believe this and turn your hands and wallet over to Epsilonism. you’ll live a happy life. Otherwise you are doomed - FACT!



Unsaveables are unfortunately. all around us. They arc silent. They- arc noisy. They ignore the truth. They want for everything and yet they seek nothing. Your wife may be Unsaveable. Your son may be. So may Grandma. Your therapist is doomed, as are most of the doctors, teachers, priests. lawyers and judges.

They are wrong and Kraff has seen through their lies and petty delusions and that, as will be made clear - is precisely the point of this Paradigm. The Tract may soon be written - and it will make clear one very simple point. To doubt is not scientific - it is the opposite of science.

It is the faux science of faux scientists who only wear those silly coats because they are sick human beings. True descendants of Kraff will get everything they want. As for the Unsaveables - they are in for a big surprise. Just as soon as we have thought of it

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