The Battle Medic's Defense Grid impulses enemies, provides healing and protects from incoming projectiles.

This is a tutorial on how to properly use Battle Medic in LawBreakers.

This Battle Medic guide is based on the dev tutorial video.


The Battle Medic class is a support class.

The Battle Medic is a healer, combat healer.

Battle Medics are accompanied by two support drones.


Lobber Grenade Launcher: Armed with on-impact grenades that fire and they also create pretty nice splash that can impact and damage enemies without actually having to hit them directly.

Alternatively, the alt-fire will fire bouncing bersions of the grenade so you can fire these down choke points and kind of hold an area or try to do some trick shots over like a juggernaut shield. They come in real handy when you're trying to just keep people back. It's a great support tool.

Firefly Pistol: The secondary weapon is kind of like a combat sidearm, but it's an energy pistol. The pistol replenishes its ammo automatically as you take breaks in between bursts. If you fire all the way through it will rebuild energy core on its own, but that takes a little bit longer than just kind of giving it a little bit of a pause so it's much faster to let it recharge before the energy completely runs out.

Support Drones[edit]

You have 2 support drones hoverint near you at all time.

You can send each support drone to heal a different teammate, or they can both heal the same teammate if he takes more damage while the first support drone is still on cool-off.

The support drones will heal you (passive ability) out of battle.


Battlemedics are equipped with a hoverpack which allows you to hover and strafe around the battlefield much faster than on foot.

Using your jump button while in hover mode lets you thrust up pretty high. This allows your battle medic to be pretty agile, especially out in open spaces which is where the battle medic is really at home.

You want to use that hover pack to kind of stay above your enemies so that you can get a good view of the battlefield and see where your teammates are and drop those heals on them.

Ultimate Defense Grid[edit]

You can deploy a defense grid which is a big dome. It impulses enemies, provides heals, and keeps enemy projectiles out.

The defense grid is a great way to kind of clutch-save your teams if they're on an objective, or they're trying to take a zone, you can fly in, drop your defense grid which will impulse everybody back which is one of the most amusing things that you can do in the game, send them flying across and then you're creating this healing station for your teammates. No bullets can come in, you grab the objective, and then you can get out of there.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Twofer! The Battle Medic has two drones that can be used to heal two teammates.
  • Play it smart! You will be rewarded with passive regen if you get yourself out of harm's way.
  • Use jump and hoverpack simultaneously to glide high above the frey.
  • Get in! The Defense Grid impulses enemies, provides healing and protects from incoming projectiles.


  • The Battle Medic was the first support class introduced to LawBreakers.

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