The Juggernaut can use his holo-deflector to block enemies.

This is a tutorial on how to properly use Juggernaut in LawBreakers.

This Juggernaut guide is based on the dev tutorial video.


The Juggernaut class is basically a tank who specializes in close quarters combat.

His sphere of influence is less than other characters in the game - he needs to get in much closer than other characters to do his job, but he makes up for it with a really massive health pool and defensive abilities.


Instigator shotgun (Primary Fire): Standard pump action shotgun. It's going to deal damage in a spread and it can do much more damage up close than it is at range, so you're going to want to get as close as possible to burst people down with this thing.

It's also got a cycling reload, so as you spend some of the shots, you're gonna have to spend the time to reload each shot individually which is a bit of a drawback.

Impale (Alt Fire): Throws out this nasty looking blade on this melee attack. So part of your main combo will be getting up to people and trying to two-piece them with that shotgun/melee combo, and if you can actually land all three you can combo it with shotgun melee into the cick for maximal first which is really effective against anyone who gets up in your face.


Your main ability is called Charge.

  • Basic usage is to sprint around the map. Really effective decent amount of speed, you can get to and from the enemy base, just general mobility here.
  • If you hit enemies while charging, it impulses them. So if you run around the edge of the map, it's going to potentially bounce them off the edge of the map.
  • If you hit jump while in the middle of charge, you get this super-jump/leap which is a great tool for getting out of your own base or out of your enemy's base with the objective.
  • If you hit the charge button while in the air, you get this Grand Slam which is going to deal some area damage on impact. So you can sort of ground stomp on people, it's a good way to get a little free damage in before you can hit them with your burst combo.

Holo-Deflector ability[edit]

The Holodeflector acts as a shield wall. Absorbs a certain amount of damage before going away, and you can use it for blocking people out of choke, blocking damage from enemy rockets or enemy fire, zone yourseft out of a health zone to prevent people from getting at you.

Ultimate Armor Protocol[edit]

If their are enemies in your face right when you pop it, they're going to get EMP which is going to make them unable to use abilties and then you're going to transformm into this armor mode where you have massive damage reduction.

This is going to be your basic tool for 1v5ing, getting into groups of enemies, and messing it up at close range while being total raid boss, very difficult to kill.

Essentially, when going against the objectives, you're going to want to run in, pop your armor, enemies are going to have a very hard time taking you down, you're going going to be able to take on multiples of them while your team runs around and finishes them off or steals the objectives.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Make that a combo! Utilize the Juggernaut's 2 and 3 piece combos to inflict more damage.
  • I'm out! The Holo-Deflector is also effective at buying time for reloads.
  • Use Holo-deflector to block enemy's escape route preventing him from running away to his teammates, so you can engage him in 1v1.
  • Armor Protocol is effective when outnumbered, charging objectives, or as a distraction.

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