This is a tutorial on the Reactor Map in LawBreakers.

This Reactor guide is based on the dev Reactor Map Showcase video.


In Reactor, it's all about the LawBreakers vying for control of a high profile power station amidst a variety of gravity anomalies.


  • G40 gravity spheres.
  • Expansive zero-g exterior
  • Unique traversal options
  • Highly unstable anchor point (the reactor itself)




  • Expansive zero-g environment that encompasses the entire exterior of the map.
  • The second you set foot outside the gravity controlled corridors of Reactor you'll be swept into zero-g.
  • Medium sized map with a variety of options to approach combat and objectives or for those high skilled players, even surprise your opponents by navigating around the map itself.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Using blind-fire maneuvers will help springboard you into vertical combat as you move from inside to outside, and the G40 gravity spheres can provide cylindrical momentum to throw your enemies off-guard.


Reactor mixes many of the game's unique elements altogether: different types of gravity, high and low angles along with a few CQC interiors.

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