Chavez Station

This is a tutorial on the Station Map in LawBreakers.

This Station guide is based on the dev Station Map Showcase video.


Station is a fully-interior LawBreakers map.


  • Station provides a variety of gravity defying encounters.
  • G40 Gravity Sphere
  • Close quarters combat
  • Wide-open zero-g central zone
  • Multiple levels for engagement




  • No ledges to be kicked off of.
  • No opportunities to fall to your death.
  • Exposed central health
  • Small to medium map


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Always be on the ready for surprise CQC barrages from the aquarium central and narrow winding routes that surround the map.
  • Attack from high, sneak from below, or bring the onslaught head on.


You can't fall in station or be kicked off the edge. Station is all about core FPS skill in a relatively tight interior location.

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