NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Staalker" from the forums

This build is a stealth build.

The focus is on using Stealthy Escape with Panther Sight.

I have enough points in Stealthy Escape to make it last 5 seconds. Each point in Panther Sight will increase the damage you deal when an enemy is unaware of you. So, basically it works like a rogue in most MMO's. You get a big hit from stealth.

Personally, I have two favorite skills to use from stealth. Savage Strike and Knockdown Sweep.

Knockdown Sweep is an AOE that knocks down. If I am approaching a group of mobs, I use it from stealth. My current rank of Panther Sight gives me +126 damage when they are unaware of me. Each enemy hit by the Sweep gets that extra damage done. I can often drop a group of mobs in one move this way.

If it's a harder target, especially on bosses, I use Savage Strike. Not only does the skill do big damage on hit, mine is currently 400-500, it adds a bleed. Mine deals 454 damage per second for 4 seconds.

My typical fight is using Stealthy Escape to go into stealth, then hitting the boss with Savage Strike, and instantly rolling away with another Stealthy Escape. Usually, I'll avoid all damage that way.

In addition, I have Panther Soul and Panther Grace as high as I can get them. Soul gives extra Defense and Grace gives Dodge and knock protection.

I also keep Blessing of Bast maxed out. It removes all negative effects from you, and gives a decent heal. Mine currently heals around 600 in 3 seconds. I should also mention it doesn't break stealth. So you can use it until you are fully healed, saving med kits for the times you need fast healing and are low on spirit. And since it removed negative effects, it stops burns, bleeds and the like.

I have the Dora Milaje as well, and they are great tanks that deal decent damage.

I only use Panther Slash, not Enervating or Freezing Slash. I am focused on big hits from stealth, and Panther Slash just deal more minimum damage than the other two skills. Plus, most things die quickly making the slows and freezes useless for me.

I try to keep Predator's Aim maxed out, but I will let it slip a few levels when the other skills can take points. It makes boss fights much easier. Stealth hit a boss with a basic attack, then stealth again and hit them for a big attack. They take far more damage since their DEF is reduced.

I have only a single rank in Panther Speed and Panther Leap.

I use Speed when I need to catch a target that is moving and I am in stealth. And I save leap for a stun when I need to interrupt or move behind a boss to avoid a large hit.

I don't use the Snare, I don't use Vibranium Trap.

First, Trap without snare is often wasted. The trap has a timer before it goes off...and if they miss. Plus, the damage it does won't go up from stealth, because of the timer.

I don't use either ranged attack that Panther has. Evasive Throw might be nice in some situations, but I'd rather just stealth roll away...drops all aggro. And Triple Throw will usually only hit one target, and at 30 spirit...I can deal more damage with a basic attack.

As long as you use Blessing of Bast, you can get close to any target.

Agile kick can be fun, and deal big damage. I have one point in it becasue it's required for Knockdown Sweep, but I don't use the skill. I can deal bigger damage with Savage Strike, and the animation time is shorter on Savage.

With this build, I can solo everything with safety. The Dora Milaje tank up on mobs and bosses. I stealth roll in and hit them big, roll out for safety.

I have just over 200 spirit currently, and rarely ever have a shortage thanks to Panther Soul. It's gives you spirit each time you take damage.

For gear, I have focused on getting more dodge and crit %. Big hits from stealth are even nicer when they crit.

I have been told I am pretty good with Panther. So, ask any questions and I'll try to answer them.

I was in a group earlier versus Doom. I was the only one who didn't get a defeat, and my hit and run stealth are the only reason he went down. I pretty much solo'd him, despite being in a group.

Panther is my favorite by far. He's fun to play and mean when you know how to use him.

NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Staalker" from the forums

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