Black Panther

Here are some tips for playing Black Panther in the Marvel Heroes Game

Please add more if you have any

  • the ability that lowers target defense when using basic attack that should be as high as possible (panther aim) i believe.
  • his first 2 basic attack powers are good the second one is nice because its lowers their damage delt to you.
  • his scythe is good until you get savage strike which is his uppercut that does tons of damage and bleed so level that up accordingly. (scythe being is lvl 4 or 6 aoe sweep.)
  • focus on dodge and crit gear since you are a fast attacking mobile type character and anything with panther aim on it early on.
  • do his panther defense i believe it gives you armor and spirit on basic attacks so you should never feel spirit starved and it will beef you up a bit.
  • his flip attack is good for positioning yourself to behind the mobs and bosses and the stun is nice. takes some getting used to to land properly. Dont waste points into it though 1 should be enough.
  • jungle bomb and vibranium trap groups of mobs who like to run around on you as jungle bomb does a good amount of aoe damage.
  • He plays much more "strategically" then some of the more popular characters, his initial "right click" ability makes you jump over an NPC and "stun" them. It appears that during this animation you are immune to dmg. You can use this strategically to avoid damage.
  • invest in his passive: the spirit regeneration is critical as you tend to spam his spirit users more then some other players
  • he initially felt a lot more fragile, and therefore less OP then many other characters ive tried.
  • He becomes "fun", in my opinion, with his lvl 12 trap. He drops a bomb, and flips away, causing solid aoe dmg and getting you out of trouble.
  • he is a solid supporter in groups and he has a passive that makes you debuff the defense of enemies. coupled with his fast attacks, hes great at mass debuffing enemies, but just don't expect (at least early) to mass slaughter enemies like some of the other OP "Power" characters.

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