NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Squonk" from the forums


Max Red Room Reflexes for dodge, plus dodge gear is good.

Escape Roll constantly, doesn't have to be maxed.

Max Agile Strike and Savage Slash, they have synergy.

Max Widows Kiss.

Max Snap Shot.

How I Play her. I Escape Roll into a group of mobs, hit Widows Kiss, then Savage Slash them to death. These two DOTs kills groups of MOBs in seconds. I use Snap Shot for mobs that don't rush me. Occasionally I use other skills from the agility tree.

Stinging Shot plus Coupe De Grace I found good early game to two shot mobs, but end game there are so many swarms I didn't find it effective.

I don't even use grenades, the positioning is too much of a pain and you will miss a lot and waste spirit

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