The bosses in the terminals drop Medallions - Gold Medals that have improved stats and +1 to all Skills

(thanks to darktorana from the forums for gathering this data)


+(572) Health

(15)% Slow

+(144) Defence if health is below (95)%

Doctor Doom[edit]

+(10-50)% Power Duration

+(30-37) Damage

(5-8)% Chance to Fear attacker when attacked

+1 To all Powers

Doctor Octopus[edit]

+(16-20)% Radius for area powers

+(6-10)% Critical chance for any area power

+(14-24) Damage

+1 To all Powers


+(3.8)% Dodge Chance

Deal (98) Damage to attackers when you dodge

+1 To all Powers


+(209-2314 Health

(3-4)% Chance to become Invulnerable for (4)Seconds

+(87-141) Defence

+1 To all Powers

Lady Deathstrike[edit]

+(3.8-4.3)% Critical Chance

(18)% Chance to Bleed for (137-149) Physical damage over (5) Seconds

+1 To all Powers

Living Laser[edit]

+(14-16) Spirit

(3-5)% Chance to fire a laser Burst with you hit with a basic power

+1 To all Powers


+(63-104) Damage

(4-7)% Chance to taunt and enrage nearby enemies when you hit

+1 To all Powers


+(24) Physical Damage

(15-21)% Decrease in Power Cost

(3)% Chance to stun nearby enemies when you hit

-(1)% Health per hit

+1 To all Powers

Madame Hydra[edit]

Each Teammate gets a bonus +(33-52) to Damage

(4-5)% chance to make your teammates invulnerable for 3 seconds

Regenerate (3) Spirit when you defeat an enemy

+1 To all Powers


(2-3)% Deal (78-91.1)dmg in Area Around Target

(2-4)% Chance to Slow & Deal extra energy damage to target

(3)% Chance to burn the target

(3-4)% Chance to Freeze the Target

(2-4)% Chance to create poison cloud around target (181-260)dps

+1 To all Powers

Level Required 31

Mr. Sinister[edit]

(1-2)% Chance to Summon Colossus when you are hit

(1-2)% Chance to summon a Wolverine Clone When you are hit

(1-2)% Chance to summon a Cyclops Clone when you are hit

+1 To all Powers


+(637-1360) Health p/m

+(214-425) Health

+1 to all Powers


+(177) Health

+(8)% Chance to knockback when you deal damage **Knockback assumed

+(73) to Physical Damage


+(314-365) Health

+(25) to Damage

+(126-165) to Defence for 5 seconds when under 50% Health

+1 to all Powers


+(30-49) to Mental Damage

(3-4)% chance to knock attacker up into the air when you hit

+1 To all Powers

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